For centuries different cultures have used baby massage as part of their parenting practices.

Karma baby demonstrates a combination of the following massage strokes Traditional Indian practices and techniques Swedish based strokes Research based strokes.

Some benefits of these include:
   1. Promoting relaxation and inducing deeper and longer sleep
   2. Reducing tension, restlessness and irritability
   3. Helping weight gain in premature infants
   4. Helping reduce the discomfort of colic, wind and constipation
   5. Helping to regulate and strengthen baby's digestive, respiratory systems
   6. circulatory and nervous systems
   7. Enhancing development of the nervous system
   8. Stimulating and strengthens immune system
   9. Relieving respiratory disorders, sinus congestion
  10. Aiding digestion
  11. Relief of teething pains
  12. Encouraging muscular co-ordination and joint flexibility
  13. Improving sensory awareness
  14. Improving  muscle tone
  15. Improving  the blood circulation
  16. Improving  the condition of your baby's skin