Baby massage course feedback from Mums and Dads

"We absolutely love the course!!"


10th May 2013

Karma babies is the best thing I have done with my son by miles. We have been going since A was 5 weeks old, he's now 8 months (sadly we only have 1 more term left before I go back to work) Justine is amazing. She helped me gain confidence, develop a lovely bond with my son and even helped my PND. The classes are great, Justine doesnt clock watch like other groups I know, she goes with the flow of the babies. Their happiness is the most important thing to Justine. She makes you feel so welcomed and safe, if your baby is having an off day you can catch up at the end of a session or at another session. The cakes and tea are great too! Justine's love for babies and what she does, just radiates through- this isn't a business to her this is just who she is, what she's about, her way of life. And she's amazing. If you can only afford one thing- I beg you please do massage the benefits are amazing (helping teething, constipation etc) I will miss this class so much

"All excellently organised with plenty of information in preparation for course and throughout."

"Thanks Justine! A really well run course - well paced and very relaxed."

"We where given plenty of time throughout to ask questions, discuss and actively encouraged to do so. Now I have started another baby course (music) I realise what a privilege this is, as it is not time that is readily available in other similar environments. Also it was extremely helpful to be given time to talk to other mums - at no point did anything feel rushed or was anything too much trouble - faultless!!!"

"I massage H about 4 to 5 times a week after bathtime and I'm sure massage is part of the reason he is such a happy boy."

"Thanks for a lovely course - it was brilliant and I'd like to come back and do some more classes."

"His skin seems much better, eczema flare ups are less frequent. Thanks Justine, we both really enjoyed the course!"

"It was really helpful that Justine went at each baby's pace when they were all doing different things so you didn't feel you'd missed anything."

"We try to find time to do it most days and it's a wonderful part of the day"

"Wonderful way to discuss problems with other mothers in a lovely, informal and relaxed setting. Thank you for not rushing off as soon as the hour was up! A real added bonus and a really nice touch."

"Really useful that we refreshed previous weeks sequences at beginning of each session."

"Its definitely helped to build up a bond and trust between the two of us and it relaxes me wonderfully …"

"Our GP diagnosed L with eczema and I have to apply cream to her skin every two hours. She doesn't like the cream but some of the massage techniques that I have learnt have made it a bit easier!"

"Am pleased I have done course. Would recommend."

"B really enjoys her massage and really seems to look forward to her bedtime routine."

"This course helped me build on the knowledge I already had and now I can build a routine."

"I feel fine and confident doing it and A enjoys it."

"We were always encouraged to come early and never felt that we had to finish dead on time."

"Justine always pointed out the best ways to tackle problem areas."

"I really enjoy it, it's a special time together that's beneficial to both of us."

"I love it. It gives me relaxation time with her."

"Great to have handouts to reassure. Feel happy and confident, a time for both of us to relax and enjoy."

"Thank You !!!"

"My antenatal ladies recently came to a session and said how much they had liked it, and how peaceful their babies were at the end of it."

"I've been practicing the leg massage and she loves it - and the 'tiger in a tree' hold has been a revelation and she's happiest in that position - thanks for the tip!"